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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  April 12, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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officer bill warren: we're en route to an outside disturbance-- two parties fighting and they've gotten three or four different calls. they're in the backyards.
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i don't know if it's a female and a male or exactly who's involved in the disturbance. we're going to respond over there and see if we can catch a disturbance in action. yeah, they've got him. what's wrong? you all right? all right, all right. calm down. what happened? tell me what happened. this guy here? what happened? tell me what happened. you okay? you need an ambulance? you want an ambulance to come look at you? okay, tell me what happened. i was trying to help him move his stuff today and he got mad and i guess some of his stuff got left behind or something and he come over here raising hell. and then he started swinging at me and i pushed him away and i said "let go of my face"
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and he beat my head into concrete. this guy we got here is the suspect. supposedly he's beat on the lady. i don't know exactly who started the disturbance. we've got him in custody so we're trying to unveil it from here. okay, so she hit him and then what happened? then they got into it. okay, where were you at when all of this took place? trying to break them up. do you have any relation to this guy? which guy? this guy in handcuffs. that's my son-in-law. that's my daughter's home. okay, that's your son-in-law and this is your girlfriend. man: they moved my stuff while i was at work, they said. they left my stuff there. i've done everything for her and helped her out. i came and asked her why she left my stuff behind. she got in my face and start slapping me so i did hit her one time, and i knocked her down and then this dude gets in my face.
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i pushed him i didn't hit him. there's a difference. then i freaked out and i left. and now i know i'm going to jail. what got all this going? she slapped me. my lip's busted where she hit me. so you hit her back? i tagged her. i may have hit her more than once. what about this other man? i pushed him because he got in my face. how many times did you hit her? once that i know of, but maybe more, because i lost it. we're going to put a collar around your neck. you have to move your hand, okay? my neck hurts. i know it does. move your hand. it hurts. i'm sure it does hurt. this collar's going to help it. warren: the victim's being transported to truman medical center for treatment. the suspect will go on to east patrol station where he'll be booked for assault. so we're going to get back in service
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he's often strung out on p.c.p. and we've had problems with him before. we've had to physically subdue him quite a few different times. highly ten-31, very belligerent, and likes to fight the police. he's got three warrants. so we're going to come over here and arrest him on these warrants. and he'll either run or you can pretty much count on him fighting us. let's wait till he get around the corner. we'll get up here and wait for him where i can get out of the car. okay, just wheel over there. good turn. he's turning. cool. cool. let's go. come here, ken.
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put your hands behind your back. put your hands behind your back. kenneth, put your hands behind your back. put your hands behind your back. i'm suing the law. i didn't do nothing. looks like they're going to need a wagon. okay, what we got here-- this is kenneth a guy we've arrested numerous times for narcotics. it's probably the third or fourth time i've had to run him down in a foot chase.
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normally he's strung out on p.c.p. i'm not on no p.c.p., man. a lot of times he'll carry weapons. what we're going to do is take him to headquarters on his warrants. you are lying, dude. roll over, buddy. i think you're tripping, man. yeah, you're right. chill out for a minute. i ain't smoked nothing. let me help you up. come on. up. i didn't smoke nothing. here. want your hat? i didn't do nothing. come on. come on, kenneth. i didn't do nothing, man. watch your foot. hop in there. the last few times we've came in contact with him he was high on p.c.p., or another word for it is "water." we've had a battle just to get him handcuffed. tonight, he realized he lost the war and pretty much cooperated.
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officer john wagner: people say the police need to handle this and that. that is our job, but we can't do it alone. if you have a strong citizen base-- they know and trust their officers in that area then they'll help us. with their help, we can handle the area. but when you got officers that can't get along with the citizenry and the citizens don't want to cooperate with the police there's just no way you can handle an area by yourself. 10-4. advice for the vehicle: stop, license response with their record. 1027 spruce, or near at 2359. one of the guys in my sector he's following a car down 12th street here, and he's trying to stop them. they're not speeding. i guess they're having car problems. but they won't pull over for him.
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he just turned north on spruce. we're going to be up with him here in just a minute. officer: go back in the house. woman: i'm his wife. go back in the house. i'm his wife. step off the sidewalk. were you in the car? i don't know why he wouldn't stop. i turned my lights on. you turned around right there when she pulled up... you need to shut up. i turned my lights on, and you didn't stop. ( blows raspberry ) he's over some other woman's house ( bleep ) around. and that's his wife, and i didn't appreciate that. if he want to ( bleep ) around he can use somebody else's car not mine. so where did he get this car? that's her car. she worried about him, so i went to bring him home. tell me where he's going now. if he doesn't have any other warrants he's going to 27th and vanbrian. and he needs to learn tha
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whether he's mad or not. that's on him. so i have to go downtown to the bondsman, right? yeah. his bond's probably going to be pretty high. like what? that's up to that desk sergeant. i don't know. i have no warrants! all right. watch your head. officer brian bell: the reason i stopped him was 'cause i ran the plates. it came back to a different car. so i wanted to see what was going on between you two, and he wouldn't stop. he got caught. got caught doing what? in a love triangle? yeah. well, he'll go to jail and have some time to think it over. will she be able to get him out tonight 'cause i know she's going to want him. after that? i know she will. it don't make no damn sense to me, but... it ain't my husband. uh, did you call 314? 10-4. domestic disturbance. black party at 312 arrested earlier.
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the party made bond approximately 30 minutes ago. we were just there. 1027? we just got a radio call on a nature unknown at an address we'd been at earlier involving a car chase and had a love triangle going on. apparently the guy's made bond and they've just told us he's possibly back. man: i want her out of my house. does she live here? yes, i do. temporarily. i want her out of my house. does she live here? temporarily. in the state of missouri we can't force her to leave. if she want to leave she could leave on her own will. if you want her out of your house i suggest that... she leave in the morning. leave in the morning. i ain't got no place to go. your name gail? yeah. y'all boyfriend, girlfriend? no. gail, come on down here. no, that ain't the problem! gail, come on down here, okay? wagner: we just don't want to leave you here
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all night, gail. but i'm not going to pick my kids up at this hour in the morning and leave because he's upset because he get picked up by the police. it ain't my fault. would you want to go to a shelter? ( bleep ) no! you can take his ( bleep ) to jail. uh-uh. the thing is he upset, you upset. you go back in there y'all start fighting then both y'all end up in jail tonight. "is she living here?" and you said, "yeah." melvin, now remember the last time i was here i said, "is she living here?" and you said, "yeah." she does. i know she is. wait, wait. go ahead. you want him arrested for assault for pulling on you? melvin: i was trying to help her. yeah, she came to me. melvin... gail, gail i'm talking to you. if he let me stay, i will stay. right now, he upset. he want you to leave, okay?
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so that be the bottom line right there. yeah, i want to file a complaint. now... woman: what now? wait a minute now. hold on, ma'am. melvin: for what?! what did i do?! what are you doing? i didn't do a thing! come in my house and drag me back to jail! for what?! come on, gail. relax, melvin. what y'all taking me back to jail for?! for assault. for assaulting who?! she said you assaulted her. you ain't got to bend my arm. i will hit her. wait. just wait a minute. no you wait a minute. hold up, hold up. i got him. chill. give me your arm. woman: gail, don't do that. please don't do that. i said i wasn't going to do nothing to her. chill out. we got him. i told you i wasn't going to do nothing. i'm not doing nothing.
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i'm not doing nothing. woman: she not pressing no charges. she said she's not going to do it. she said she's not. you're not going to get called back here. talk to her! come on. man, i ain't doing nothing to that woman. uh, no. just straight, hank. man, i ain't doing nothing, man. okay, mel. step up inside. this is the second time we've been over here on this deal. one of the p.m. guys got in a kind of a mini car follow on him. he finally stopped the car here and he went to jail that time for evading and all that. he's been drinking. that's his problem. he's just not thinking right. if we get called back tomorrow... i talked to him at the station. when he's settled down he's a pretty decent guy.
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he gets around those two and he gets crazy. they got kind of a love thing going on between the three of them. i think it's not working out the way they want it to.
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sergeant jerry campbell: okay. search warrant. a one-story, wood-frame, single-family dwelling green, with plywood covering the front window and on either side of the door. the residence is the fifth structure north of greeley avenue on the west side of north hallock. okay, this diagram over here-- the air conditioner in the front what i'd like to have is the outside security 727 and 703 to try and take out this air conditioner. we'll split here. the opening in the fence is where the front people will come and they'll assault the front and the rear people that we have some bushes and foliage here.
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there's a weak portion in the fence that's laying over. you can just step on the fence and come over. won't be any problem getting around. you're open through here. yeah, 10-4, i'll be in the area about two minutes, here. campbell: nervous? i got to check it. radio on? yup. vieras: yeah, you copy we're about to roll? we're en route right now to execute a narcotics search warrant with our swat team. uh, these guys are highly trained in high-risk entry areas. about a couple of blocks away from this location and it's a high narcotic area that we're going to and very hostile towards officers. we're going to be coming up on it
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pretty soon here. my heart's beating 100 miles an hour. police! search warrant! open the door! police! search warrant! put your hands up. put your hands up! ( glass breaking ) over here. over here. they're in the front! they're in the front! i live here by myself. got a gun here.
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if he ain't a crack dealer he's awful paranoid isn't he? check. come here. check it out. check. that's good. seek. seek. brandon: explain to me how our money got in your house with our serial number that we use to buy dope from this house. you been hiding that money? yeah. we spent it tonight. i went to the bank. hey, vinnie. oh, okay. tell me, y'all goin' to steal my money? we're going to take your money. you won't get it back. i won't? no, you won't. what you had this gun on you for? somebody tried to break in my house a couple of days ago. see that footprint on my door?
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detective ron kaminski: you got it fortified. you can see it's fortified to the teeth. officers, it almost took them about three or four minutes just to get in. you got chains. probably another four foot, four inches of plywood added to it. reinforcing the back with bolts. you got two more guns in your drawer? you don't got anything under the bed? yeah. i told you i only go buy crack and run with the girls. i don't sell no crack. where do you work? just gamble and stuff. you gamble? how can you keep checks and stubs? you know, i've been... i've been saving my money. where did he put the other gun? there's two guns in the drawer, fully loaded. looks like a .380. .22 oops.
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fully loaded also. ( garbled radio transmission ) i take heart medicine, so... oh, boy. i'll try not to give you a heart attack, bud. i told you, don't move too much back there. this guy's going to go to jail for sale to undercover narcotic officers. he was inside the residence. took the swat team a while to get inside the residence. it was very bolted down. we'll probably see him out on the street again. they're always out there. officer: i've got him at gunpoint. dispatcher: gunpoint, 132 and bush. cover is code three.
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we are are live in oakland where a person crashes into a fire hydrant and a tire shop. tragedy in san lorenzo as a game of chick on the train
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tracks turns deadly for a 14- year-old boy. and the search for a suspect. good morning, everybody it's friday, april 12th i'm brian flores. pam cook has the day off. let's begin with weather and traffic. steve paulson is here this is described as chambers commerce days. >> yeah. no doubt about it. a little chill in the morning air. there is plenty of 40s up in the north bay. if you enjoyed yesterday, probably today as well. 60s and 70s. here is sal. good morning. right now we are looking pretty good around the bay area as we go out and take a look at the roads. this is a look at traffic on 880 as you drive past the coliseum. also the morning commute is
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being evented by road work in san francisco. northbound 101 at the 80 split. one lane is open there. it's so light that it's not really effecting traffic too much. it looks like they may be picking up the road work any time now. at 4:29 let's go back to the desk. >> thank you very much. we begin billion over night trouble in one oakland neighborhood. it involved a car, a fire hydrant, and a tire shop. tara moriarty joins us live from the scene at 50th salve. tara, what can you tell us? >> reporter: you know, it is quite a scene out here. if you take a look to the right you can see the fire hydrant was completely shorn off the sidewalk. that is where the car slammed into it. if you walk to the side of the building you can see there is a hole there. a motorist struck the fire hydrant at 50th and san leandro street. witnesses say a man in his 20s appeared to be intoxicated. but tests need to confirm that. the driver received minor
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injuries. he was very emotional as he was handcuffed and taken in an ambulance. the volkswagen he was driving hit garcia tire and bait shop. they leave they live nearby -- they believe they live nearby. no word on how much it could cost to fix the store. live from oakland i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. secretary of state john kerry is in south korea to discuss the ongoing threat of north korea. >> the united states and public of korea both want to see a peaceful cover january peninsula. that means it must be free of nuclear weapons. >> kerry calmed the daily rhetoric out of north korea unacceptable.
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and said the u.s. will if needed defend its allies. the latest threat they have input coordinates of targets into missile war heads and ready to fire. u.s. officials say however there has been no sign of military movements in north korea that would back up the threat. investigators say a game of chicken cost the life of a 14- year-old boy in san lorenzo. deputies say he was walking on the railroad tracks with two other teenagers when he was hit and killed by an amtrak train. that happened around 6:40 last night. investigators call the death of a tragic accident that didn't have to happen. >> i don't know their definition of the game of chicken is. it's usually when kids jumped out of the way in the path of an on coming track. >> a 15-year-old boy and girl were shaken but not